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How to Create a Paypal Account

Why Paypal Account ..? Because With Paypal Account We Can Make Transactions Be Easier In The Internet World.

how to Make Pay Account, Create Paypal Account Is The Right Decision, Especially For You Internet Users Like Or Hobby Buy and Sell Online. Apabila you are moving in the field of online trading, it is mandatory to register PayPal to facilitate online payment transactions.

Creating a Paypal Account Is Easy Things Besides That Creating Paypal Accounts Also Free, With Paypal Account, We Made Easy In The Online Transaction Process.

For Most of the internet users may already be familiar about what is PayPal. in Indonesia PayPal is widely used by some online stores in terms of payment, because this one online payment is one of the best online payment method in the world and easy to use.

Important Points We Will Discuss About How to Create a Paypal Account:

  • Paypal Registration
  • Choose Paypal Account
  • Fill in Data Information
  • Enable Paypal Account
  • Create a Security Question
Steps To Create A Paypal Account Follow This Tutorial Because This Tutorial Will explain how to create a Paypal account from Beginning to End.
  1. Paypal Registration
  2. Choose Paypal Account => It is advisable to use a PayPal account type of primary, In order to receive and send PayPal balance.
  3. input Information Data
  4. Enable Paypal Account To be able to activate your PayPal account, you must confirm the email address you used earlier to register PayPal. First click on the "Confirm email address" link located in the top right corner
  5. Create a Security Question After entering the confirmation code, you are then prompted to create a security question. Please make your security question (please ask the security question and the answer is also recorded on a paper / notepad and kept carefully to keep watch)
Your PayPal account is now active but still limited to $ 100.00 (one hundred dollars). But you can eliminate these limits by verifying Paypal account Using a credit card or also can verify PayPal with VCC (Virtual Credit Card). VCC can be ordered at RumahPaypal.com.