How to Make SMS Banking Bank BRI

Making SMS Banking Is The Right Decision For Those Who Like Online Services Or For Those Who Often Receive Money Transfer From Various Branches Because With SMS Banking Every Transaction Entering Bank Account Will We Know Through Notice From SMS

Customers BRI Now Can already register and activate SMS banking services, that is by coming directly to the nearest BRI branch office or activation via ATM BRI

If coming to BRI Branch Office, you just pass on to customer service To be assisted In the registration process to complete the requested requirements. For those of you who are busy or do not like to line up in the bank, register via ATM is the most appropriate choice.

BRI's SMS Banking registration process can be done through two ways: registering at BRI Work Unit or through BRI ATM. Here's the process.

A. Registration through BRI Work Unit
SMS Banking Registration in BRI Work Unit (Kanca, KCP, KK, and Unit) is intended for financial transactions, such as Inter-account Transfer, Pulse Purchase, and others. Simply fill in the application form for SMS Banking Registration and attach a copy of valid ID card and a copy of BRI ATM card.

B. Registration Through ATM
Registering SMS Banking BRI via ATM machine is very easy and practical, the steps As follows:
  1. Put ATM to ATM machine, Enter your ATM PIN/password.
  2. Next will appear the main menu select Other Transaction menus.
  3. Then select the Registration menu.
  4. Then will appear SMS Banking menu, select the menu.
  5. You will be directed to create a 6 digit PIN. The PIN may differ from ATM PIN.
  6. Choose a memorable PIN (you should avoid using birthdays and the like because it is easy to guess).
  7. Once done, the receipt will come out containing the information that you successfully signed up.
The types of services that can be done through SMS Banking BRI As a customer, you can get the following facilities after activating SMS Banking BRI.
  1. Balance information service and SMS info.
  2. Bill payment service PLN, Telkom, Halo Card, Matrix, BRI Credit Card Bill Payment, DPLK Payment, Zakat YBM BRI Payment, Infaq YBM BRI Payment, and Citibank Bill Payment.
  3. BRI transfers services as well as other Bank Transfer Destination Accounts, BRI Interconnection Transfers, and Interbank Transfers.
  4. SMS Prepaid and reload credit purchase (Simpati / AS, Mentari, XL, IM3 SMART, Axis).
  5. To facilitate customers who want to use this service here's how to use the SMS Banking service BRI
SMS banking makes it easy for our bank customers. BRI customers no longer need to waste time by coming to the bank office. banking affairs become more efficient. Not to mention the existence of SMS banking. Just send a message, the transaction can be done.

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