How to Online Business

Bisnis Online Sangat Menguntungkan Bagi Kami Pengusaha, Because We Do not Need To Get Out To Find Customers, Simply Sitting Sweetly Up Home We Can Get Customers And Results From Online Business It's Reasonably Promising Compared To We Only Sell Manually.

Then How To Make Your Business More And More In The Online World ..?
By Utilizing Internet Networks and Computers We Can Build Relationships That Can not Compare Us If In The Appeal With Traditional Sales

Which business ideas are best?
This happens most often. They assume that all businesses need a lot of capital, eventually they decide to work first while collecting capital.

A. Sell products online on your own website
Many people do this because the process is easy and earned income is not kidding

By selling online, the process can be done from wherever as long as there is an internet. Therefore, this business model is also good for you who have other busyness, But usually, people who gaptek already afraid first., Though not hard at all.

You can use some of the following platforms:

  • Shopify - starting at $ 14 per month, easier and full-featured
  • WebPraktis - starting from Rp 680ribu per year
  • Jarvis Store - free for 20 products!
  • BBM - already many online stores that can sell just by utilizing this chat application
  • Instagram - because it is an image-based social media, can be used to sell online as well
  • WordPress + WooCommerce - about $ 40 per year for domain & hosting
Use Jarvis Store or WebPraktis if you do not want complicated. Both speak Indonesian, so if anyone is confused can ask directly to his customer service.

where to get the product to sell?

If you already have your own product, of course, this is not a problem. But what about you who do not have, and have no plan to make the product?

Follow these steps:
Decide what product you want to sell
  1. Find the main supplier of the product, or
  2. Invite people who are already selling but not online as partners, or
  3. Dropship.
Selling a product is the easiest way to earn an income.
The most difficult step is to determine the product to sell after the product is determined then there will be no more problems.

B.  Even easier, selling in the online market
Even easier, selling in the online market although making the website is easy, it still needs to learn.
Especially if you are still a beginner.

If you already know what you want to sell and want to sell directly within the next 5 minutes. This is the most appropriate solution for you.
Especially because in the marketplace is crowded, so you can directly get a buyer.

But there are disadvantages:
You are selling on someone else's website, so there are many limitations. In addition, you can not build your own brand because it depends on the marketplace website.

Then how dong?
The middle way ... when you just start doing business, take advantage of the marketplace to get buyers & earnings. After a while, create your own website and invite potential buyers in the marketplace to visit your own website.

C. Become an ad publisher to earn a semi-passive income
Why are people willing to write good articles, then published openly on the blog?
Because they earn money from advertising.
This is the most popular business opportunity among those who love to write and share knowledge.

How it works like this:
We create a website> display ad code> ads appear automatically> visitors click on ads> we earn commissions.
Not difficult right?
this business model became very popular.

All you have to do is:
  • Create quality content
  • Fishing other people to visit your website and read the content

To be a successful ad publisher, you MUST have quality content. Google will not accept websites with low quality.

Which business opportunities appeal to you?
Those are some online business opportunities that you can start right now.
Some of them you can start as a side job, but over time it can also be the main business that produces.

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