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How To Get Money From The Internet Up To Tens Of Million Monthly

Making money from the internet that is proven to be able to make up to tens of millions of rupiah a month certainly requires a method or strategy that must be mastered and a process that must be carried out seriously and of course consistent.

Online business is a term that is so popular lately where along with the advancement of information technology that is growing rapidly so that the emergence of a variety of new business opportunities with all the conveniences and profits that turned out to be quite promising to pursue.

Not looking at the educational or academic background that is mastered, this online business turns out to be a solution to get money or as a way to earn income from cyberspace.

Choosing the type of online business that is proven to be able to make money from the internet
For almost a decade online business opportunities have remained excellent, given the growth of internet technology itself which has become increasingly embedded in people's lives and arguably has become a necessity and life partner for everyday life.

Here are 7 types of online businesses that you can start as a side business with small capital and have proven to be able to make money, even the way is quite easy to learn even though you are still a beginner in this field.

1 Join the PTC program
PTC is pay to click, which means we will be paid to click on ad links provided via email or PTC program accounts that are followed.

There are lots of sites that provide PTC network programs on the internet, and this one online business has been busy since 10 years ago.

To be able to join PTC only requires an email account as a means of registration, then you will be routinely sent a message containing an ad link that you have to click on.

You will be paid in dollars for each click even though the nominal is very small, and the other weakness is the number of advertisements sent is less than the maximum or very minimal every day.

Some online business experts strongly do not recommend to join the PTC program if you want to quickly get money from the internet because lately there are so many PTC companies that commit fraud or SCAM.

In response to this, the PTC program should be just as learning material, that in fact there really is an online business that can be done without capital even though the results are not fantastic.

Also, check out the related reviews about forex trading business opportunities and other interesting articles about strategies to play forex trading with minimal capital.

2 Endorser or Celebgram
New Business Opportunities on the Internet

The next online business opportunity is a business endorser that you can make as one way to make money from the internet.

This one is also arguably the easiest to run an online business even for a technologist who doesn't have specific expertise in the field of internet technology.

Where do endorsers come from?

If you are already well-known on Instagram by having thousands of active followers, this is the opportunity to try to contact some product providers who are willing to promote their products through your IG account.

Some of the products that endorse a celebgram most often include beauty products, fashion products, gadgets, and medicinal products and health supplements.

The earnings of a celebgram are quite tempting because for one time posting certain products can be contracted up to a nominal million of rupiah, even still given free facilities to use or obtain the product you are promoting with just for free.
3 Sell using social media accounts Facebook, Twitter, Line, etc.
Having an active social media network account such as Facebook, Twitter, Gplus and can establish many friendships there, it would be nice if this is used to do business in order to be able to get money from the internet without the need for large capital.

Not only does it exist to enliven the social media homepage with jokes or just greet each other, but you also have the opportunity to make money if you are able to read this opportunity well.

For example on Facebook, you can create a group or fan page about something that should be able to describe a business such as selling products or offering services.

The initial struggle of online business through social media should you start by building a brand so that your popularity is elevated or widely known first, then you also must always be active to make friends and actively communicate with all users.

The best-selling products marketed through social networking sites include:

  1. Fashion products and accessories
  2. Beauty product
  3. Gadgets and electronics
  4. Digital and multimedia-based services
  5. Snack products (snacks)

Tips for success in doing business online on social media is about how you can build trust and can invite social media users to be more enthusiastic about what you are doing there.

One example of a powerful strategy to build a brand in Social Media is by actively posting useful information at the right hour when most people are relaxed and have a lot of time with their gadgets and of course you have to be able to do this consistently.

Once you succeed in selling products to be able to make consumers satisfied, I think this is a good start for you to prepare and manage your business more seriously, which means that to be able to make money from the internet is not difficult for you going forward.

4. Being a money blogger flows from various directions
Bloggers are a term for someone who has the activity of blogging or sharing information on the internet through his personal website and the forum sites he manages.

A blogger usually controls the most types of online businesses, because in order to arrive at this stage they usually have taken various other internet marketing techniques including examples of the online businesses mentioned above.

This means that in order to become a blogger who earns income, you need a long process and not a little experience in the internet world.

Most successful bloggers have gone through many obstacles and sufferings when he first or the beginning of this profession because there are so many techniques that must be mastered personally so that they can develop without having to depend on other people's services.

Some of the skills that should be mastered by a blogger include:

  1. Mastering basic web building techniques
  2. Able to make useful articles
  3. Mastering optimization techniques (SEO)
  4. Analyze opportunities
  5. Finding sources of income

Despite this complexity, a blogger who currently has a master's degree or senior, of course, he also had passed the time when he was still a beginner.

Then it should never be too late to start studying this field because the income opportunity to become a blogger is also no less fantastic than the 5 types of online businesses that have been discussed previously.

For beginner bloggers who don't have enough capital to create a web with their own domain and hosting, they can start learning by using Google's free blogging facility, blogger.com, and wordpress.com.

Then how is the strategy and various tips on tricks on managing a good blog, as well as how to make a blog as a source of income, then there is one of the most popular forum sites for the gathering of senior bloggers and beginners who share experiences in the forum https: // ads.id

Where is the income of a blogger?

Regarding the source of income, blogging activities include those that have the most network and have a variety of choices to make it a source of money from the online world, including:

  1. Make dollars from advertising networks
  2. Join an affiliate program
  3. Offering services
  4. Selling digital products and physical products

The following is a more complete review of several strategies to earn income from the internet through blogging activities.

5. Earn dollars through advertising networks

Want to get a regular salary with US dollars up to USD $ 1000 per month is not a difficult thing for a senior blogger.

In fact, many successful bloggers from Indonesia have been able to achieve enormous income from web blogs that they have managed well, some of which are:
  1. Marikxon Manurung, the owner of the blog maxmnroe.com
  2. Duto Sri Cahyono, the owner of the blog omkicau.com
  3. I'm the owner of the automotive blog fileromflash.com
  4. Sugeng Riadi, manager of the blog adsenstock.com
  5. Darmawan is the owner of an internet marketing strategy blog guideIM.com
  6. Mbak Indri reviewed the world of blogging on the site gudangfirmwere.com

They are online business people who have inspired many beginners who still lack experience and have just begun to step in the vibrant world of the internet business.

I personally also have been following the development of their blogs for years to find better blogging strategies and techniques, especially about how to optimize the web to be able to compete and be suitable as a source of income.

Until now the advertising network is the most popular source of income that many bloggers aim at.

Both in the form of independent advertising and through the PPC program is a system where blog owners will be paid by advertisers, provided that their ads are displayed on a registered website or blog.

For independent advertising usually, the web owner will be directly contracted by the product owner who wants the ad to be displayed within a certain time frame and the nominal contract money that has been agreed before.

While the type of PPC advertising is a system that requires blog owners to register their sites on advertising network providers such as google adsense, adnow, payclick, POPtm, Info link and many more with different income levels.

A blogger will get a regular dollar salary if his blog is able to bring in abundant visitors because in the PPC system the main source of income for the web is calculated based on the click on the ads obtained to the minimum limit set.

While the rules that must be adhered to by bloggers who take part in the PPC program are fairly strict, and not all bloggers can easily pass them without having a long experience and high enough flight hours before.


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